Over the last year, we’ve been helping Facebook turn the heads of business audiences across APAC.
We’d like to share some of our success stories and give you a glimpse of what Facebook
has achieved in APAC regions, and hopefully give you a spark of inspiration.

Below, you can learn about the video we created about Workplace from Facebook customer Scoot,
an airline based in Singapore, as well as a few case studies on some of our other clients.

MOI is a global creative agency with a strategic hub in New York,
as well as offices in the UK, Singapore and Dubai.



Video and written case studies created to demonstrate the effectiveness of Workplace from Facebook first-hand


Commerce for Facebook IQ

Two reports exploring how consumers use social for e-commerce and the opportunities for retailers


Workplace from
Facebook for FSI

A vertical campaign targeting FSI customers on using Workplace to increase employee engagement


Campaign identity

Creation of visual campaign identity targeting e-commerce customers


Taking Workplace sky high

With a growing workforce dispersed across the world, colleagues at Scoot, the low-cost airline of the Singapore Airlines Group, were finding it difficult to communicate and needed a consolidated collaboration platform that aligned to their company culture.

Scoot saw Workplace from Facebook as a platform to create opportunities for community problem-sharing and internal interest groups. The video case study we produced shows how adopting Workplace from Facebook enabled frictionless communication for employees, with a platform that’s in line with the fun and agile culture Scoot wants to develop.

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Step-by-step Abm (Google Cloud)

Google Cloud has aggressive sales and growth targets to meet. They realized that account-based marketing was the way to go, but that it would be feasible only through a repeatable, scalable approach.

We developed a step-by-step framework to help them decide how and where marketing can be most effective in supporting sales. With a focus on the strategies and tactics required to create awareness, influence and advocacy, the framework maximizes the chances of winning key accounts.

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Interactive business case (Ciena)

With a large South American telco issuing an RFP for network restructure, Ciena needed to show how they could help the telecoms company adapt within ever-changing environments and deliver richer, more connected experiences.

MOI worked with Ciena to build an experiential tool that provided the telco’s senior network decision-makers with interactive, digital experiences that offered company-specific insights and simulated projected customer demands.

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Launching M-Virtual

In light of COVID-19, we’ve just launched M-Virtual in the US, in partnership with On24, LinkedIn Live and INXPO. M-Virtual develops and delivers digital, interactive experiences ranging from smaller scale webinars to large scale online conferences that engage audiences in a new way. If you’re ready to go digital and would like some support please get in touch to book a free workshop.


Go easy on the quickies

Take a deep dive into long-term marketing campaigns and understand why and how they can be so effective.


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